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Construction is to begin this fall on the MAPS 3 whitewater recreation course and State Fair Park expo center. Rendering provided

OKC whitewater project bids come in high

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Bids to build the MAPS 3 whitewater recreation center far exceeded expectations when they were opened Thursday, but officials still are determined to bring the project to life.

Here's what Mack Brown's next job should be

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Former Texas coach was missed at Big 12 Media Days. But he doesn't need to stay out of coaching for long.

Little known about dark money group that's failed to file ethics paperwork

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The nonprofit Oklahomans for Public School Excellence, created in May, failed to file the paperwork before the June 24 election as required by state ethics rules.

'It's just a tragedy': Mother, son in murder-suicide leave 8-year-old twins behind

News | Yesterday

In the wake of the death of a 17-year-old boy and his mother as a result of an apparent suicide pact, Tulsa police released figures showing the suicide rate in the city is higher this year than the two previous.

Man wrecks stolen car then steals and crashes car of witness, Oklahoma City police report

News | Updated: 15 hr ago

A man driving a stolen car crashed into a highway median Wednesday afternoon, then stole and wrecked the car of a witness who stopped to help him, according to police.

Movie review: 'Lucy'

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Luc Besson creates a potent hybrid between his kaleidoscopically kooky science fiction and his adrenaline-gushing action films with “Lucy.”
Movie reviews: 'Wish I Was Here' 'A Most Wanted Man' 'And So It Goes' More Entertainment

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OU fan buys TexsaSports.com to troll Texas fans after spelling error

Sports | Published: Thu, Jul 24, 2014 | Comments Comment on this article Leave a comment

If there’s one thing the Texas Longhorns learned today, it’s to never give Sooner fans an opening to mess with you — because they will. Earlier today it was revealed the University of Texas misspelled Texas in the footer of every page of...

Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon arrested on marijuana possession complaint

News | Updated: 22 hr ago

Police found a marijuana blunt weighing three grams in a cigar box inside a car Blackmon was driving following a traffic stop, according to an Edmond police report.

Apartment boom is rocking Oklahoma

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Norman-based Commercial Realty Resources Co. and UBS Financial Services Inc. agree: Oklahoma is where the investment action is for multifamily properties.

Federal statutes clash in juice labeling case

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Crowe’s Tynia Watson discusses the recent Supreme Court case between juice maker POM Wonderful and Coca Cola. Based on the decision, companies can’t rely solely on approval from the FDA to know whether their labels are fair

SWOSU study shows financial impact of Oklahoma National Guard on state economy

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According to the study, by 2018, the Oklahoma National Guard will contribute an increase of $2.649 billion in state output.

Adopt a Pet

News | Published: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 | Comments Comment on this article Leave a comment

A Bernese mountain dog mix is the adoptable pet of the week in Norman.



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